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Нет записей. is a directory of cryptocurrency airdrops.

What is airdrops?

Airdrop is a free distribution of crypto-tokens.

What are tokens?

Briefly, these are assets for which you can get something in the future (for example, internal products or services of a company)
or sell them on a crypto exchange and get real money for tokens.

Why would anyone give out tokens for free?

If everything is simplified – tokens are given to you for telling your friends and other people about the project. A kind of social advertising
and an alternative to traditional advertising. Performing various tasks in social networks, you are doing this or that blockchain project is a little
more popular and you get a reward for it.

How to use the site?

Above you see a list of active airdrops (tasks that you will perform to get tokens), indicating the number of tokens you can get, an approximate estimate of their value in dollars, and the terms of the airdrop.

How to participate in airdrops?

STEP 1. Register in social networks.

Twitter, Telegram, Facebook are highly recommended for registration, if you have not registered in them yet. Youtube, Reddit, Linkedin are recommended. It is also recommended to register on blogger sites, such as medium, steemit. Add other crypto-currency enthusiasts to our friends and do not forget to write down usernames and passwords from social networks.

STEP 2. Register Ethereum wallet.

Most tokens are released on the basis of Ethereum, if it is not so, and for participation another wallet is needed,
we will write about it.

STEP 3. Find the active airdrop on our site.

Find the active airdrop on our site, in our Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. Perform simple tasks (most often it\'s likes, reposts, retweets,
subscriptions) fill out forms with your data (links to social networks, nicknames in them, so that the system can verify that you completed the tasks)

STEP 4. Wait.

Sit and wait for the receiving of tokens.
While waiting, register in a couple more airdrops. Suddenly this will be the next Docademic? ;)
Good luck, and quality airdrops!