What is cryptocurrency airdrop or how to earn a free distribution of crypto currency

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Nowadays there is no one left who has never heard of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Some people compare the importance cryptocurrencies and origin of the Internet. But for most people, the acquisition of a cryptocurrency seems to be some complicated adventure. In this article we will tell you that in fact everything is simplier.

What is airdrop cryptocurrency?

This word in the army means air support from ground assault, providing it with weapons and food. What does all this have to do with crypto currencies? More often than not, airdrops are satisfied with projects that are just entering the market, and the distribution of small amounts in tokens helps to increase its popularity.

Similar distributions of coins exist since the appearance of crypto-currency. Can you imagine that once crypto-enthusiasts handed out the most important crypto currency – Bitcoin completely free? Yes it is! In 2010, the programmer Gavin Andersen, who is now the leading developer of the project Bitcoin, created the so-called crane, which distributed to all comers by 5 (!) Bitcoins in the hands completely free! You can read about this in more detail in Nathaniel Popper’s book Digital Gold: The Incredible History of Bitcoin. There are such cranes now, but unfortunately they distribute the smallest bits of bitcoin there, Satoshi, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the main mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

Today the crypto-currency market by the standards of history is very young and unstable, in fact, it makes its first steps, no one knows what will happen to the crypto-currencies in 5-10 years, and which currency will lead the hit-parades for capitalization (amounts of funds invested) in the future. Agree, it is tempting to stockpile all possible crypto-currencies and forget about them for several years, then you will suddenly find out that all these tokens, for which you spent 10-15 minutes at lunchtime, brought you a good profit.

How to participate in Airdrop?

Airdrop can be considered one of the safest ways to generate crypto-token tokens if you are careful. All that you risk is to lose some of your time.

It’s worth checking your computer for malware and viruses to begin. Very often viruses substitute the website address and visually you cannot notice the difference. Such sites are called phishing, look like the original, but belong to scammers, and if you enter their passwords on them, consider that they already have the kidnappers. Another case is the substitution of purse addresses. The addresses of the purses look like this: 0x3Ec742801fa9120Ba91263b3E775bEb36DDb104A. To remember this address is almost unrealistic, so most often use the function to copy / paste from the clipboard. There are viruses that substitute this address when you copy it, so check each time at least the last characters.

Register Ethereum wallet

For obtaining most airdrop tokens ERC20 Wallet is required – ERC20 standard wallet. In this case we are talking about Ethereum wallet, how to register Ethereum wallet you can read in our article.

Register in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram)

You need accounts in social networks to perform simple tasks airdrop. Tasks are often really very simple, make a retweet of the specified record on Twitter, make a repost record in Facebook, subscribe to the channel in Telegram. Following the instructions on our website, you can easily cope with this!

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