CrowdToken (CRTK)

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CrowdToken is a unique and secure token of exchange for global e-commerce markets. In collaboration with iCrowdU, the CrowdToken will disrupt traditional commerce structures by bringing consumers and producers closer together and share the increased margins equally.



  1. Register for CrowdToken (+10 CRTK)
  2. Enter Vpx33ruVhk in the promo code section.
  3. Log in, go to Menu -> My Profile and verify your mobile number (+10 CRTK)
  4. Go to Menu -> My Profile and enter your home address to receive a postcard (+10 CRTK)
  5. Go to Menu -> My Profile -> 1,000 Faces Promotion, record a short video and send it to your WhatsApp number (+50 CRTK)
  6. Also get 10 CRTK for every referral.
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