How to create a Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet.
Step-by-step tutorial

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In order to start receiving tokens, you need your wallet. The most simple and proven on-line wallet is Even if you already have a wallet on this resource, we recommend registering a separate for the airdrops.

Let’s register with you a wallet:

1. Type in the address bar

The closed lock icon indicates that your connection to the site is encrypted and relatively safe, “MyEtherWallet Inc [US]” means that the site has been issued a registered SSL certificate. Always check the website address!

2. When you visit the site for the first time, the site gives you 10 windows with warnings, we strongly recommend that you do it!

3. After you have read all the warnings, the main interface of the site becomes available. When creating a wallet, use the difficult password, not the “my_name_year_of_birth” or “my_pet_name”.

4. Be sure to save your private key in a safe place, it is better to make a couple of additional copies of the file. Do not ever send this private key to anyone! Imagine that this is the key to the safe where your savings are. Myetherwallet itself does not recommend storing private keys in cloud storage, so relatively safe, in our opinion, will be storing the key on an external USB drive and creating a paper wallet.

5. In the screenshot below, the demonstration private key is hidden, it will be displayed normally for you. If you click on the “Print Paper Wallet” button, a new window opens with the choice of the printer and the print function.

6. Below you can see an example of the window for printing a paper wallet, the QR code on the right and the private key (in the screenshot in the red box) are blurred (you will have them displayed normally), do not show them to anyone. An attacker on them (for example, taking a picture) will easily get full access to your wallet. Print or save to PDF (do not store this PDF on your computer) and put it in the safe if you have it.

7. Everything is ready, now you can unlock your wallet and get full access to it. The easiest and safest way is to use an additional plug-in to the browser, which is called Metamask. How to download, install and use Metamask to open the MyEtherWallet wallet (MEW + Metamask) we tell in detail in a separate article.

8. If you can not wait to access the wallet and Metamask is not installed on your computer, you can use the private key file, but be careful and double-check the address of the site and the inscription MYETHERWALLET INC to the left of the address bar.

9. After selecting the file and entering the password from the wallet, you will be able to scroll the site down the screen and see a screen similar to the screenshot. The purse address (it will be different for you) is circled in green. The token balances are shown to the right, by clicking the Show All Tokens button. But there is a more convenient way to track the receipt of tokens on your wallet – it’s About how to use it you can read a separate short article.

That’s all, you created your Ethereum (ETH) wallet, and as you can see, it’s quite simple. The main thing is to follow all the security tips outlined above, do not tell anyone or send files and anything related to your private keys, and then your tokens will be safe. To get tokens to your wallet address, nothing but the address is needed!

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